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Saxophones.Online is THE internet-shop for saxophones and other musical instruments. The shop also offers a wide range of accessories as well: mouthpieces, reeds, necks, training aids, cases, bags, …

FIBERREED forever!

FIBERREED synthetic reeds for saxophone FIBERREED is the best synthetic reed on the market. There are 3 different types of saxophone reeds with different sound cha­racteristics: carbon reeds, hemp reeds, and natural classic reeds.

All these reeds from Fiberreed are available at Saxophones.Online for all types of the saxophone.

Theo Wanne /
Harry Hartmann

theo wanne/harry hartmann saxophone mouthpieces The Saxo mouthpieces (tenor and alto) from Theo Wanne/Harry Hartmann offered at our instruments and accessories shop are famous for the full har­monic sound, the mathe­ma­ti­cal precision in design and production, and the pure beauty.

The online-shop Saxophones.Online

The online-shop Saxophones.Online has offers of a great number of woodwind and brass musical instruments. In addition, it offers accessories for soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, and baritone saxophone.
Don't hesitate to enter our Online-Shop for Musicians!

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NARTISS baritone saxophones Saxophones.Online has also a range of accessories like mouthpieces for saxophone, clarinet and brass instruments: saxo necks, saxo reeds, training aids for all kinds of wind musicians, saxo cases, saxo bags, and bags for other wind instruments.

Professionals and students have a lot of options in our shop for musical instruments

The saxophone prices in our instruments shop are highly competitive. All the instruments in our online shop are all of high quality, modern and with attractive sound characteristics. Therefore, the saxophones shop is a good address for each professional and each student. Don't hesitate to check it out! The shop is selling national as well as international, and the method of payment is PAYPAL plus, which means: by Paypal-Account, by credit card, by advance payment. ...
This shop is open 24h / 7 days! Look around and find your next saxophone in our online-shop!

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We have top musical instruments in our online shop, both woodwind instruments and brass instruments. And we are fighting hard to offer you the best price! Many professional musicians as well as music students and hobby musicians rely on our products and our services. Everybody can find its new musical instrument in our music shop.
Why do you still hesitate! Online-shopping of your new saxophone and your saxophone accessories is the most efficient shopping mode considering time and price!

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What our customers say:

Ronny L.: I love the old sound of the saxophone from the 50s. Therefore I decided to buy the alto saxophone FIFTY FIVE from TREEPUR - not only with the Sound of the 50s but also with the Vintage-Look. I am really happy with my new instrument.
Mary M.: I am in love with my new tenor saxo "T-ONE COPPER" from TREEPUR! What a fascinating look of it s copper corpus and what a warm sound the instrument produces! Thanks you very much for the recommendation of this instrument.
Jack D.: My Theo Wanne/H.Hartmann tenor sax mouthpiece which I bought at your online-shop fits without problems to my tenor saxophone. And the best of all: it sounds marvellous!
Bill F.: I have bought saxophone reeds from FIBERREED for my baritone sax at the shop Saxophones-Online. The ordering process was easy and the delivery was prompt. Thanks!

What are you waiting for?

Saxophones.Online is the shop for woodwind and brass instruments and accessories. The saxophones as well as the other instruments are sold at a highly competitive price.
Visit our Online-shop for Saxophone - and make your dream reality!

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